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Normal Topic Frame Geometry from fork offsets (Read 133 times)
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Frame Geometry from fork offsets
12/22/18 at 12:01am
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Theres a Co. Out there that is changing the MTB and really the whole bike world as we know it 
Outsider bikes crown offset 

Currently they're only making these for the boxer in the Fox 40  DH forks 
But they will soon be available given time for pretty much any fork across the board 
Which means you can physically change the geometry of your bike if you've got a head tube of 68 or 69 whatever the old for example stump jumpers with the fork that was stuffed up one of the bike it felt like you were riding a unicycle 
You can now take these with the fork offset and change the geometry of that bike 

I think this is been a long time coming  For the good 

I've always said that forks and head tube's were too far up underneath the bike but now in 2017 2018 and now 2019 coming all that is changing 

But there are still those that are riding the old style frames and now they have the option to upgrade to this more progressive geometry 

In my opinion this is a great option
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