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Tire inserts
01/03/19 at 12:11pm
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Wow 2 questions in a day... Well I was reading on singletrack an article where they were talking about tire inserts. I was completely unaware about this "upgrade". They were stating that even if they are weight they are a great addition to your bike. Since I never trust 100% these articles specially when they talk about one brand only,  beIN in marketing I know you pay for most of this kind of publicity, I am asking to the crowd about their opinion. Anny feedback is welcome.
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Re: Tire inserts
Reply #1 - 01/03/19 at 2:15pm
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I've been using the Huck Norris inserts for a few months and have been very impressed. I went through a run of tires last summer where I would ding the rim on a square edge resulting in a "snakebite" on my tire bead and immediate air loss. 5 tires in 4 months all with large holes in the bead preventing proper sealing. I could use a tube in those no problem but its 2019 and that is ridiculous...

I was already running 30psi or more and even went to Double Down casing but still damaged the bead and dinged my rim to boot. To be fair I hate my back wheel and ride like it owes me money but still... a $60 tire should hold up to more trashing than I was dishing out.

I installed the Huck Norris and have noticed a major difference. I can now run lower PSI (24ish now), I have slammed my wheel with extreme prejudice into many rocks and it just shrugs it off. Even the noise it makes is a dull "thud" instead of a loud metallic "Ping!". 

I only use them on my back wheel since that takes the abuse.

-Run lower pressure
-No more rim dings
-no bead damage
-easy and cheap to install

-Heavy-ish: They added about 120g to my wheel with sealant, etc.
-Cumbersome: If you do blow out and need to use a tube you're stuck carrying around a big piece of foam the rest of the ride.
-Dont really prevent sidewall damage but that rarely happens

There are plenty of options but I prefer the cheaper foam inserts vs. the Pro-Core, Cush Core, etc. Vita MTB did a great write up/comparison a year or so ago...

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