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Post ACL Knee Brace
08/30/20 at 8:32am
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Morning. Stupid question of the day.

Had ACL surgery many years ago. Anyone ride with a brace? If so what kind? Had a wreck the other day, nothing major. Tweaked the knee. Since then have thought about putting a brace on it. Just seeing what anyone who may have the same thing thinks. 


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Re: Post ACL Knee Brace
Reply #1 - 09/04/20 at 9:06am
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Hope the knee is feeling better. I have been through 3 ACL reconstructions so I understand the pain and concern. All of my PT's have been done with the goal of not relying on a brace and to retrain and strengthen the muscles that support the knee. So no I don't have any suggestion for a brace to wear while riding but would suggest to do some strengthening and stability exercises. I do however wear hard cap knee pads when riding steeper rough trails like Pisgah, Wilson creek, and any bike park.
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