Cedar Valley Bike Park

9/24 - 5:56pm
2.0 milesAscent: 147'
100% SingletrackDescent: 147'

Located at Fisher Farm, Cedar Valley Bike Park consists of three flow trails with some of the best jumps in the region. Roaster Coaster starts off with a short, mellow section before you get to three consecutive switchback berms where the fun begins. More than ten doubles and one huge gap jump await on the downhill portion of this trail. Double Black Sabbath starts with three back-to-back large doubles, then leads to a three-pack of progressive gap jumps. Shortly after the last gap jump is a huge catch berm that sets you up for the large step-down to a double jump. Into the Void starts with a small jump over a massive downed tree before a fast run, followed by a steep climb back to the start of the trail.

CAUTIONAnne Springs 9/02 - 2:00pm
CLOSEDBackyard Trails 9/25 - 7:58am
CLOSEDBallantyne District Park 9/25 - 5:50am
CLOSEDBig Leaf Slopes Park 9/24 - 8:08pm
CLOSEDCedar Valley Bike Park 9/24 - 5:56pm
CLOSEDCol. Francis Beatty Park 9/25 - 7:11am
CLOSEDFisher Farm Park 9/21 - 6:48pm
OPENHarrisburg Half 8/14 - 2:34pm
CLOSEDJetton Park 9/17 - 2:16pm
CLOSEDLake Norman State Park 9/24 - 5:04pm
CLOSEDMazeppa Park 9/25 - 12:41pm
CLOSEDMountain Island Park 9/25 - 9:30am
CLOSEDNorth Mecklenburg Park 9/25 - 12:12pm
OPENPark Road Park 9/18 - 7:47am
CLOSEDPurser Hulsey Park 9/25 - 8:10am
OPENRenaissance Park 8/14 - 2:41pm
CLOSEDRocky Branch Trail 9/25 - 12:17pm
CLOSEDRocky River Trail 9/25 - 7:56am
CLOSEDSherman Branch 9/25 - 6:19am
OPENSignal Hill 8/14 - 2:42pm
CLOSEDSouthwest District Park 9/25 - 9:02am
CLOSEDUSNWC 9/25 - 7:54am
OPENUwharrie 8/18 - 1:40pm

Don't ride muddy trails!

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