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Official Night Ride FAQ Thread
09/26/07 at 4:09pm
Here is a list of places where Night Riding is permitted...

Poston Park
Signal Hill
Rocky River Trail

Officially Parks in Mecklenburg close at sunset and The Tarheel Trailblazers support this ruling.
There are some Mecklenburg parks that do get ridden while other activities are going on. (baseball, soccer, tennis, etc.). 

Please be aware you CAN be locked inside the gates when they so choose to close any of these parks at night.

Here is the list...

North Meck
Francis Beatty 

Places where NO night riding is allowed.

Lake Norman State Park
Sherman Branch
Fisher Farm
Anne Springs


The Tarheel Trailblazers DO NOT encourage Night Riding anywhere it is not allowed.
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Do what you like. Stop hating people for their riding habits and get back to hating them for their skin color, religion, politics, and sexual orientation.
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