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Before doing Trailwork...
10/13/08 at 10:46pm
The Tarheel Trailblazers greatly appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers that help to maintain our trail systems.  In order to effectively manage over 75 miles of trails that we have taken responsibility for, the Trailblazers ask that your suggestions for trailwork and trail improvements be directed to the Trail Coordinator for each respective park. We ask that volunteers refrain from making changes to trail features until they have had the worked cleared by the Trail Coordinator and arranged a time to do the work.   
    - Basic trail maintenance such as cutting back overgrowth that is obstructing the  trail corridor, pulling fallen branches off the trail and clearing existing drainage gulleys is OK and can be done without contacting a trail coordinator (much appreciated)
    - Building new trail features or modifying existing features without first contacting the Trail Coordinator should NOT be done 
   Following is a list of Trails that are sponsered by The Tarheel Trailblazers with thier point of contact/ Trail Cordinators: 
Renaissance           -   
Col. Francis Beatty          - 
North Meck                     - 
Jetton Park                     -     
Fisher Farm           - Mark Sullivan  - 
Sherman Branch             - Jerry Adams  -     
Lake Norman           - 
Harrisburg Half                -Jason Marshal   -

  The following is a list of trails NOT sponsered or serviced by this club:

Salisbury Community Park  -    Gene Dehart -
USNWWC  -   Lee Flyte
Anne Springs  -


- Please contact the Trail Coordinators above if you would like to suggest or assist with trailwork such as: 
- removing fallen trees that need a chainsaw 
- creating new drainage gulleys 
- adding or modifying jumps, berms and dips 
- removing exposed roots 
- building a re-route or new section of trail 
- blowing leaves off of the trail
    -Planning our efforts through the Trail Coordinators helps the Trailblazers maintain our commitments to Mecklenburg County Park and Rec and the other landowners that we have built successful relationships with.    Thank you.  
Mark Sullivan  - 
Lead Trail Coordinator 
Tarheel Trailblazers 
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