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Veni Vidi Vici

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Re: Introducing myself :)
Reply #20 - 02/16/20 at 3:39am
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Think you will enjoy Uhwarrie. Itís a much more backcountry feel than what you find in CLT proper. That having been said I think you will be very surprised at the variety of different high end cycling experiences in the area. World championship BMX track, CX track, Criterium course, Velodrome, and a whack load of MTB trails from XC to DH. Keep your eyes open and an open mind and you can have a lot of fun here. 

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Re: Introducing myself :)
Reply #21 - 02/19/20 at 2:02pm
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Welcome!  I can assist you with a few things while you are getting settled in here.  My services are free to an extent.  I only charge for boat related services... 

1) There are many ways to be censored and/or banned from THTB, I can help you with these challenges from past experience...

2) I live in Mooresville as well and know where all the good food is.  I'm great at bulking up for riding season and am willing to share my trade secrets.

3)  I'm your guy when you are ready to get into boating to complement your riding hobby.   

4) Everyone here rides 29ers even though they suck. 

5) InTheBush is our local mtb god.  He speaks for all of us and is always right. Please never question the bush.

6) Last but not least: Facebook group CLT-MTB is awesome.  Join it and your first post should contain the following hashtag #FreeBTalley 

Again, welcome and I hope to see you on the trails.

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