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One Wheels
10/28/20 at 7:46am
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so - for the third time I saw a group of guys out on Sherman on these things (the one wheeled electric skateboard things) and I'm afraid its become a thing to ride these on the mtn bike trails.

Are they technically allowed on the trails? (they are after all motorized vehicles), they don't seem to damage the trails but do cause congestion since they ride in a pack of a few and are slow due to the nature of the vehicle

who would enforce such a thing if they aren't?

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Re: One Wheels
Reply #1 - 10/28/20 at 3:50pm
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I don't feel like it's an issue worth wading into.  I do know they are a growing activity.  Heck, Kanuga even had a mini one-wheel festival.

This is going to sound like a Captain Obvious answer, but only land managers can enforce ordinances regarding trail use, not THTB.


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