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Airline Bike Park

6/13 - 9:10pm
8 milesAscent: 20'
100% SingletrackDescent: 819'

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Trail Statuses

  1. status = Entire park is Open.
  2. status = Park is Open, Gravity Terminal is Closed
  3. status = Entire park is Closed.

What is Airline Bike Park?

Airline Bike Park is the first purpose built, full service, modern mountain bike park in the City of Charlotte proper. This trail system is made possible by a partnership between Charlotte Water, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, and Crescent Communities. Eventually, Airline Bike Park will be the focal point within a larger trails system situated in the midst of the River District Development, currently underway by Crescent Communities.

Airline Bike Park is located at 8025 Dixie River Rd, Charlotte NC 28278. The Park is in its soft opening phase and is OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS. May open other days of the week but check here for current status. The trail system features six miles of flowing single track WHICH CHANGE DIRECTION DAILY (ODD DAYS CLOCKWISE, EVEN DAYS COUNTER-CLOCKWISE). The Kitty Hawk Trail DOES NOT CHANGE DIRECTION and is always ridden counter-clockwise from the parking lot to access the rest of the trail system. Check the trailhead map in the parking area before you start your ride to be familiar with the route depending on the day’s trail direction.

The Trails

The Gravity Terminal area at Airline Bike Park is currently home to two jump trails and multiple natural hand cut downhill style trails.

THE Airline , is an advanced level trail which is comprised of a set of challenging features including a road gap, a triple, a couple step ups, a long table, a large hip, and more.

Spruce Goose , is an intermediate level trail. This trail features long sweeping berms and a collection table top jumps that get progressively bigger the further down the trail you ride, providing riders an excellent opportunity to progress their skills.

Flight School , is a beginner friendly flow trail and is our newest addition to the Gravity Terminal. This trail consists of a mix of rollers, small tables and a few berms that sweep down and around the largest ravine in the Gravity Terminal. The trail ends with a bang as it falls down into another before concluding at a fun and roll-able step-up. This trail features an exit at roughly the halfway point which enables riders to “session” the top portion of trail.

In addition to the Gravity Terminal, we have over 6 miles of beginner and intermediate level cross-country trail as well as a dirt pumptrack.


Airline Bike Park Phase II

2022 Airline Bike Park Trail Expansion Plan

Project Purpose

To expand the trail offerings at Airline Bike Park for all ages and abilities of mountain bikers. More awesome trail and gravity jump lines for the mtb community to enjoy!

Who is running this campaign?

The Tarheel Trailblazers are launching a capital campaign to construct the next phase of trail and park amenities at Airline Bike Park

What is this campaign funding?

This campaign is funding 4 major improvement/expansion projects at the Airline Bike Park:

  • Drop in platform for the Gravity terminal to provide riders with extra speed and a queueing area for dropping in to the gravity lines
  • This drop in will provide the appropriate speed for the lines starting at the Gravity Terminal so less pedaling will be required to get up to trail speed
  • Trailblazers volunteers will be designing and building this new Drop in platform with 4 separate roll ins
  • New Green level gravity trail beginning at the Gravity Terminal
    • This trail will be designed with progression in mind and will be rideable by anyone who has the skills to ride the single track at ABP
    • Community Trail Design will be constructing this trail, creator of the Spruce Goose jump trail at Airline Bike Park, and designer of the Rocky Branch Park Trail Enhancement Project
    • Expect large rollers and fun progressive features to give riders the feeling of carrying speed through gravity obstacles!
    • The trail will have access to the baggage claim trail for easy climbing access back to the gravity terminal
  • Complete resurface and rework of the original black diamond “Airline” jump trail
    • The original Airline just trail will be resurfaced and reworked to increase the size of the jumps and the speed of the trail
    • Terra Tek Trails will be performing the construction work, the same builder who installed the Airline back in spring of 2017
    • Expect the reworked Airline to feature larger jumps, larger berms, more speed, and a new signature drop feature at the bottom of the trail!
  • New ~ 1 mile trail loop on the south side of Concourse A connecting to Kitty Hawk Loop and the Co-pilot trail.
    • This trail will be littered with berms and rollers to maximize speed and the open terrain in this zone!
    • Horton Trail Designs will be building this loop, the creator of trails such as Warrior Creek, OVT, Zach’s Fork, and Mazeppa Park


Status only changes when conditions change
CLOSED Airline Bike Park 6/13 - 9:10pm
CAUTION Anne Springs 1/04 - 1:21pm
OPEN Backyard Trails 6/08 - 1:34pm
OPEN Ballantyne District Park 3/14 - 1:37pm
OPEN Big Leaf Slopes Park 2/02 - 10:39am
OPEN Brown Mill Mountain Bike Trail 6/10 - 12:43pm
OPEN Cedar Valley Bike Park 6/12 - 10:57am
OPEN Col. Francis Beatty Park 6/09 - 12:32pm
OPEN Fisher Farm Park 6/12 - 10:59am
OPEN Harrisburg Half 1/04 - 2:23pm
CAUTION Jetton Park 1/04 - 2:24pm
OPEN Lake Norman State Park 6/11 - 11:45am
CAUTION Mazeppa Park 6/11 - 2:51pm
OPEN Mountain Creek Park 6/11 - 8:11am
OPEN Mountain Island Park 5/15 - 4:12pm
OPEN North Mecklenburg Park 5/21 - 4:23pm
OPEN Park Road Park 6/07 - 6:59am
OPEN Poston Park 9/11 - 3:37pm
OPEN Purser Hulsey Park 6/07 - 3:00pm
OPEN Renaissance Park 7/16 - 5:48pm
OPEN Rocky Branch Park 6/07 - 8:32am
CLOSED Rocky River Trail 12/13 - 2:55pm
OPEN Sherman Branch 6/10 - 11:17am
OPEN Signal Hill 6/10 - 6:17pm
CAUTION Southwest District Park 5/19 - 5:28pm
CAUTION USNWC 7/20 - 2:03pm
OPEN Uwharrie 1/04 - 2:29pm

Don't ride muddy trails!

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