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Normal Topic Mazeppa balance beam features destroyed (Read 234 times)

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Mazeppa balance beam features destroyed
07/21/21 at 2:22pm
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Hi Guys,

Anyone notice balance beam features about 10 minutes into the trail were recently destroyed? I think there were 2-3 of them.  Just wondering if they were vandalized or just taken down for safety reasons.  They seemed well constructed and generally safe to me.  I was considering going there with my tools and trying to rebuild them one day but wasn't sure if they were taken down on purpose. It's a bit of a bummer as my son and I enjoyed them while they lasted.  
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Re: Mazeppa balance beam features destroyed
Reply #1 - 07/22/21 at 11:16am
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Hey Dirt,

Those sweet site harvested Cedar skinny features were built in Spring/early summer of 2020 and then destroyed by a trail vandal in Novemeber(ish) of 2020.  Jamie, the TC rebuilt them with his son earlier this year.  Are they torn down again?!?

Everything was built bullet proof (not chainsaw proof though as someone sawed they up) and was approved by the town so no red tape here, only foul play by someone(s) who still remain nameless.  They were super fun and we put lots of man hours into designing, milling the logs, and constructing the section.

I know Jamie would love to have a new member of the trail crew out at Mazeppa, we have a good time!  PM me you phone number so I can get you connected.


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