The Colonel Bike Park


The Colonel Bike Park phase 2 will add intermediate and expert progressive bike park loops to the existing pump track at Francis Beatty Park and complete the first professionally built mountain bike park in Mecklenburg County. Col. Francis Beatty Park is one of the most visited parks in the region with hundreds of trail users on a daily basis. This project will provide an inclusive, progressive, high quality bike park experience by adding intermediate and expert flow loops to the existing 1,000 foot beginner-friendly pump track. The Tarheel Trailblazers seek your support in raising funds needed to bring this modern trail experience to the community.


January 2021: Tarheel Trailblazers has been awarded a $100,000 Recreational Trails Program grant to fund the intermediate and expert flow loops. We are seeking an additional $25,000 in funding to enhance the original design for more excitement, reduced maintenance, and increased sustainability: the expert loop will begin with a roll-in to a wall ride, and four jumps will receive bike park wood ramps. The intermediate loop will incorporate rock into the jumps and other rock elements.

Invest in progressive, quality, unique trails. Donate today and be a part of our very exciting project!


Become a recognized donor at these levels:

    • $100 Green Circle Club*
    • $500 Blue Square Club*
    • $1,000 Black Diamond Club**
    • $3,000 Double Black Diamond Club**

*Name recognition on trail donor wall in park
** Business logo included in recognition on donor wall, Trailblazer website, and social media
Contact for business and in-kind donation opportunities.

We would like to recognize and thank the following individuals, families and companies for their donations to date.

Bryan, Gloria, Everett and Greta Hall | Tim Sizemore and Casey Wellmon

Brian, Darin & Reece Fitzgerald | The Morreale Family | Joe Tissue

Thomas Jacoby | Larken Egleston | Will Harris | Dan & Jacquelyn Zaccardelli | Jodi O’Connor | Michael Jackson | Chris Kelly | Paulo Silva | Steve Rogish | The Hahn Family | Lawrence Ismail | Owen and Chloe Miller | Kevin and Amanda Beck | Harley Blodgett | Greg Edmonds | Scott Sappenfield | Tim and Carson Morley | Christopher Hovik | Amit Eldar | Barry Greenblatt | Sam Killian | Joseph Looper | Ron Liddle | The Ackermann Family | JJ Carbery | Rich Migdalski | Casey Ficklin | Robert Pryor | Brendan Feeney | Patryk Schwartzman | Daniel Serrano