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Poston Park

5/15 - 3:41am
8.8 milesAscent: 709'
95% SingletrackDescent: 708'

The mountain bike trails at George Poston Park were designed and built by the members of Piedmont Area Singletrack Alliance (PASA) in 2005. With over 10 miles of hand built and low impact singletrack trails, Poston is sure to challenge you and offer a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a complete lap.

The trails are managed by the cooperation of PASA and Gaston County Parks and Recreation.

If you would like to volunteer and aid in the improvement of the Poston trails, please contact PASA via the Facebook group.
No unauthorized trail work please! This is a county-owned park system. Any unauthorized trail work is considered vandalism and trespassing, and is in violation of parks usage ordinances.

**Trails unaffiliated with the Tarheel Trailblazers. This page is for information purposes only**

Status only changes when conditions change
CLOSEDAirline Bike Park 5/18 - 8:58pm
CAUTIONAnne Springs 5/13 - 1:29pm
OPENBackyard Trails 5/15 - 9:28pm
OPENBallantyne District Park 4/21 - 11:00am
OPENBig Leaf Slopes Park 4/25 - 10:29am
OPENBrown Mill Mountain Bike Trail 4/19 - 10:30am
OPENCedar Valley Bike Park 5/07 - 12:21pm
OPENCol. Francis Beatty Park 5/17 - 9:30am
OPENFisher Farm Park 5/07 - 12:21pm
OPENHarrisburg Half 1/15 - 8:36am
CAUTIONJetton Park 1/15 - 8:36am
OPENLake Norman State Park 5/19 - 7:55am
CAUTIONMazeppa Park 5/10 - 6:25am
OPENMountain Island Park 4/27 - 1:28pm
OPENNorth Mecklenburg Park 5/07 - 2:59pm
OPENPark Road Park 3/19 - 12:45pm
OPENPoston Park 5/15 - 3:41am
OPENPurser Hulsey Park 5/16 - 1:59pm
CAUTIONRenaissance Park 5/13 - 12:18pm
OPENRocky Branch Park 5/13 - 12:17pm
OPENRocky River Trail 5/13 - 12:17pm
OPENSherman Branch 5/14 - 6:30am
OPENSignal Hill 5/13 - 12:15pm
OPENSouthwest District Park 5/13 - 12:15pm
OPENUSNWC 5/17 - 10:55am
OPENUwharrie 5/13 - 12:14pm

Don't ride muddy trails!

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