The Tarheel Trailblazers work to expand access, build, and maintain mountain biking trails throughout the greater Charlotte metropolitan area and surrounding region. Every donation or new member sign up helps to maintain over 175 miles of existing trails. A donation also brings us closer to realizing our goal of adding an additional 50 miles of new trails over the next 10 years and to work with partners like the Carolina Thread Trail to connect 100 miles of trail via new greenways/bikeways. We are also working to building new bike parks and pump tracks! You can choose to donate directly to one of our current projects or to the general fund which maintains our equipment, buys insurance, tools, and volunteer training.

The Tarheel Trailblazers are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, #56-2039607. Check with your company to see if your donation is eligible for matching funds.

Current Fundraising Projects

ROCKY BRANCH PARK: The Rocky Branch Park Trail Enhancement Project will transform a public open space in the heart of Belmont into an urban trail system for mountain biking enthusiasts, runners and walkers. Learn More


THE COLONEL BIKE PARK: The Colonel Bike Park phase 2 will add intermediate and expert progressive bike park loops to the existing pump track at Francis Beatty Park and complete the first professionally built mountain bike park in Mecklenburg County. Learn More


CEDAR VALLEY BIKE PARK: Have you been to Cedar Valley Bike Park, the new progressive mountain bike facility in the Charlotte area?   This trail system was designed to give everyone from beginner to pro-level riders something to enjoy. Learn More


BALLANTYNE DISTRICT PARK: Ballantyne District Park will soon undergo improvements to existing trails, plus Luis and team will be building a connector loop. Learn More


Sponsorship Levels

Become a recognized donor at these levels

Triple Black Diamond: $25,000+

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  • Summary of the project your donation was used to fund or complete
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Double Black Diamond: $10,000

  • Second tier medium clickable logo on sponsors page
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Black Diamond: $5,000

  • Third tier clickable logo on sponsors page

Blue Square: $1,500

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Green Circle: Donations above membership levels

  • Recognition on sponsors page


We would like to recognize and thank the following individuals, families and companies for their donations. 



The Carolina Thread Trail is your regional network of connected greenways, trails and blueways that reaches 15 counties, 2 states and 2.9 million people. There are over 300 miles of trails and 170 miles of blueway open to the public – linking people to places, and communities to each other. The Thread Trail preserves our natural areas and is a place for recreation, transportation and conservation. This is a landmark project that provides public and community benefits for people of every age, every background and in every community in our region.

Carolina Thread Trail Mission: Creating a legacy of conservation and connectivity through a regional network of trails.

The Carolina Thread Trail Donation has gone towards supporting the Rocky Branch Trail Enhancement Project.


AmerisourceBergen is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical service companies serving the United States, Canada and selected global markets with a focus on the pharmaceutical supply channel. Servicing both pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers, the Company’s service solutions range from niche premium logistics and pharmaceutical packaging to reimbursement and pharmaceutical consulting services. Our scale, our position in the healthcare industry, and the value we bring to the channel have all helped our business continue to succeed.

The AmerisourceBergen donation has gone towards supporting the Rocky Branch Trail Enhancement Project.


 The Community Foundation is the leading steward of philanthropic giving by connecting donors with community needs to enhance the lives of present and future generations.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public charity governed by a dedicated volunteer board of directors, the Community Foundation has been helping donors fulfill their philanthropic dreams since 1978. Individuals, families and organizations establish funds at the Community Foundation to carry out their charitable giving now and in the future. The Gaston Community Foundation Donation has gone towards supporting the Rocky Branch Trail Enhancement Project.


The Recreational Trails Program is a $1.5~million federal grant program designed to help states provide and maintain recreational trails for both motorized and non~motorized recreational trail use. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. The 2020 RTP Grant is being used to fund the construction of the Beaty Flow Trail Phase II


At The Hanover, we approach insurance as an opportunity to tailor a coverage plan that provides not just value but peace of mind ~ for the business you’ve built, the car you drive, the place you call home.

Together with our agents, we offer standard and specialized insurance protection for small and mid~sized businesses, as well as for homes, automobiles and personal items.

Hanover insurance has helped recover and replace stolen equipment which allows us to build and maintain great trails.




David Armstrong ~ Diego Zambon Kask

                                       Trips fo Kids Charlotte                                        State Farm Russ Levinton, Agent


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