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Mountain Island Park

4/27 - 1:28pm
7.5 miles
50% Singletrack


  1. The first half of Knoll#3 and 4 (or K34) is NOW open. The trail also branches off of the River Trail (right after the K2 entrance). K34 starts with a series of climbing switchbacks to the third peak in the park.  The exciting descent cuts across mostly side slope which has lots cool features to hit and beautiful views of the river.  The trail will put you where the loop started in case you want to hit it again or you can easily continue on to next part of the trail system.

Located at 400 Montain Island Drive, Mount Holly on the Carolina Thread Trail. This is a growing sweet ride. After getting warmed up on the CTT you can enter the single track at Bridge #1 on the CTT.  Bear to right for a quick lap or two on the beginner Boardwalk Loop. When you’re to ready step it up a notch hop onto the intermediate Outer and Inner Loops.  After climbing through bermed switchbacks, you’ll be treated to a fast downhill that runs through the trees complete with bermed turns and rollers culminating with several ladder bridges.  You can then jump on the River trail and enjoy a nice XC ride along the river.  More miles to come!

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With the new trail now open MIPT has almost 4.5 miles of single track and 3 miles (out and back) of CTT.  Go enjoy.

We have another 1.5 miles flagged and have started clearing.  Watch our Facebook page for updates and future workdays.  We look forward to seeing you out there.

Status only changes when conditions change
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Don't ride muddy trails!

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