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Mountain Island Park

1/12 - 8:02pm
5.5 miles
50% Singletrack

CAUTION: The trail for the most part can be ridden but please beware of freeze thaw areas that take much longer to dry out. When you come upon wet areas please ride through the middle of the trail to minimize damage or widing of trail. Better yet if the trail is wet and muddy turn around and give the trail another day to dry out.  Thanks for your help in keeping the trail in it’s best condition for everyone to enjoy.

Located on the Caroline Thread Trail near Mt. Holly, this is a growing sweet ride. After a climb through bermed switchbacks, you’re treated to a fast downhill run through the trees complete with bermed turns and rollers culminating with several ladder bridges.  You can then jump on the River trail and enjoy a nice XC ride along the river.  More miles to come!

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With the new trail now open MIPT has about 4.5 miles of single track and 3.0 miles of CTT.  Go enjoy.

CAUTIONAnne Springs 9/02 - 2:00pm
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Don't ride muddy trails!

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