Col. Francis Beatty Park

1/07 - 9:30pm
6 milesAscent: 336'

Loop Consisting of a main blue loop (3.7 miles) with an optional technical section (the notorious “Beatty’s Black” (1.4 miles) and the “hidden black” see if you can find it.), this trail system feels less like it was created and more like it was discovered. The main loop is fairly open and sandy, with roots and gullies occasionally in play. “Beatty’s Black” is a different story. It is tight and technical, but also features some of the most unique wooden technical trail features in the area. In addition, there is the largest pump track in the area (“The Colonel”) which is smooth, fast, and truly a joy to ride at any age.


CAUTIONAnne Springs 9/02 - 2:00pm
CLOSEDBackyard Trails 12/31 - 9:06am
CLOSEDBallantyne District Park 12/31 - 9:07am
CLOSEDBig Leaf Slopes Park 12/14 - 1:24pm
CLOSEDCedar Valley Bike Park 12/13 - 1:28pm
CLOSEDCol. Francis Beatty Park 1/07 - 9:30pm
OPENFisher Farm Park 1/13 - 8:22am
CLOSEDHarrisburg Half 12/26 - 11:29pm
CLOSEDJetton Park 12/26 - 11:28pm
CLOSEDLake Norman State Park 1/16 - 10:30am
CLOSEDMazeppa Park 1/01 - 1:05pm
OPENMountain Island Park 1/12 - 8:02pm
CLOSEDNorth Mecklenburg Park 9/25 - 12:12pm
CLOSEDPark Road Park 1/16 - 7:57am
CLOSEDPurser Hulsey Park 1/15 - 2:10pm
OPENRenaissance Park 1/14 - 9:21am
CLOSEDRocky Branch Trail 1/05 - 12:54pm
OPENRocky River Trail 1/16 - 7:10am
OPENSherman Branch 1/14 - 7:47am
CLOSEDSignal Hill 12/26 - 11:29pm
CLOSEDSouthwest District Park 1/08 - 5:48am
CLOSEDUSNWC 12/14 - 8:54am
OPENUwharrie 8/18 - 1:40pm

Don't ride muddy trails!

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